Outsmart Power Systems

Sales Lighting Overridden
$26,000 total savings

Condenser VFD Breaker Trip & Failure
Rack Energy up by 33% ($4,600 total savings)

Excessive Defrost Cycles
$3,900 total savings

Excessive Compressor Runtime Caused by Low Refrigerant
$3,000 savings

RTU Schedule Mismatch
$500 savings

Rooftop Economizer Disabled
$11,000 total savings

RTU VFD Disabled
$4,300 total savings

Suction Pressure Adjustment to Quiet Alarm
Rack Energy jumps by 30% ($2,490/mo savings)

Broken Compressor Valve Creating Blowby
$5,600 per year savings

RTU Running Continuously due to Humidity Offset
$29,500 per year savings

Broken Contactor – Compressor Runs Continuously
$6,200 per year savings

Unusual Rack Cycling Due to Failed Oil Sensor
$5,800 per year savings

  • The Buck Stops Here

    Your electric bill is one of the biggest expenses in your store.  Every dollar saved on your utility bill is equivalent to $50 in grocery sales …a potential gold mine for improving your profit.  OutSmart knows where to dig and how much you’ll save because our system monitors all your critical loads – individually.

  • It ain’t broke?… Are you sure?

    Just because you don’t have an alarm, doesn’t mean things are working properly …or efficiently.  OutSmart tells you how hard your equipment is working to maintain set points and, specifically, where you can save money.

  • Ignorance ≠  Bliss

    Your plate is already full of things to do, and it’s easy to overlook problems that are not generating alarms.  What you should care about is how much these problems are costing you and which of them could lead to downtime.  The OutSmart system watches for these problems, and notifies you of only the most important ones.

  • Get Answers, Not Data

    Who has time to look at energy data?  What you want to know is how much can you save and where.  And, you want confidence that your energy measures were effective and persistent.  OutSmart’s core capability is focused on providing detailed answers to save you money.

  • Your electric bill went up?  Now what?

    The journey for answers… better be a short one.  A traditional sub-meter might indicate refrigeration is to blame, but where?… it’s a big, complex system. OutSmart provides fast, specific and actionable information to get at the root cause of energy problems.

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